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  • Free Satellite Orthorectified data of AWiFS (acquired during Jan-Mar, 2019) and LISS-3 (acquired during Rabi, 2019) is updated in NOEDA   New
  • Visualize Flood Hazard Atlas of Bihar state  New
  • Visualize COVID 19 Vaccination Centers  New
  • Bhuvan Training on Mar 10-11, 2021  New
  • Uttarakhand Flash Floods: Satellite Data Findings, view Satellite Data in 2D & 3D New
  • Bhuvan applications for COVID-19 India - Geo viz & Dashboard; Citizen Reporting and Officer Reporting; Mobile Rythu Bazar Tracking; Home Quarantine Tracker - Narayanpet Dist; Annapurana Meal centres – Hyderabad; Amma Unavagam – Chennai; Bihar Health  New ... Read More
  • g-Governance: Dashboard
  • Bhuvan Locate Android App provides real time location tracking, navigation.
  • Open Source repository Code4all: Layer Stacking New
  • Bhuvan User Handbook and Others
  • Bhuvan: Point of Interest V2.0 Android App allows mapping in an easy & intuitive manner.
  • Mobile Bhuvan - 'Locate & Track' the position besides Visualizing High Resolution datasets