Difficulties in getting started

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Difficulties in getting started

Post by sharewarehunger » Wed Oct 19, 2011 6:01 pm


Bhuvan conjured my interest because,to be frank,I was not aware of any such undertaking under the aegis of ISRO.

I often go for treks,bike expedition and record waypoints(GPS markings),tracks(the path traversed) and relevant details using a Garmin GPS tracker.Then I use Google Maps and Google Earth for viewing the details of the expedition/trail and Google allows me to store it in my account as well as share it as a link.

I wanted some 'Indian' way to handle this stuff - enriching India's geographical map repository,even though in miniscule amount,with my excursions.I certainly see the potential in Bhuvan to cater my needs but I am unable to do so because :

1. I tried using the 3D version by installing the Bhuvan plugin which failed to work with both IE9 and Firefox-7.0.1
2. In my opinion,the tool that Bhuvan is internally relying on - SkylineGlobe's TerraExplorer is not getting embedded properly with the Bhuvan plug-in and/or it fails with the above browsers.

I found no threads that could help me troubleshoot this problem,hence,had to post it here.

Please guide me as to how I must proceed in uploading my .gpx files(if any other formats required,please specify).


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Re: Difficulties in getting started

Post by shadab2k8 » Fri Oct 21, 2011 9:42 am

Hi sharewarehunger,

Bhuvan3D supports NMEA format of GPS data for visualization. As you mentioned that you are having data in GPX format, it is recommended to convert it into NMEA format. Even if you have the file in any other format also, following link may be useful for same::


Once you are having NMEA format, you can visualize it on Bhuvan3D using GPS option.

Also as it is mentioned in the configuration requirements, Bhuvan3D is compatible with Windows OS and can be best viewed using Internet Explorer. Things may not work properly with Firefox. However Bhuvan2D is compatible with all the browsers and OS and a plug-in less application.

hope that helps,


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Re: Difficulties in getting started

Post by sonal » Sun Apr 22, 2012 6:05 pm

Please downgrade your IE 9 (beta) to IE 8 . to do so you may look at- http://social.technet.microsoft.com/For ... 6196747ba9

Then you will be able to access Bhuvan 3D.

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