How can I create maps

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How can I create maps

Post by krishnaa » Tue Sep 30, 2014 11:15 pm

Recently we have done a survey about un-electrified slums in Vijayawada and collected Longitude, Latitude of each and every un-electrified slum.

This data was put in Excel File and could upload in Google Maps Engine.

But tried to do in Bhuvan Mapper but could not do it as Longitude and Latitude details could not be fed at all. Even here this could not be attached as I am getting a message like "The extension xls is not allowed"

Please help as this is a very important survey and we need to present to Prime Minister of India about How to map Jan Dhan Yojana too.

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Re: How can I create maps

Post by sonal » Wed Oct 01, 2014 4:04 pm

You need to upload .csv extension file instead of .xls
CSV file can be created by just opening MS EXCEL and Save As ".csv" option

Let us know If you still face any problem.

Following is the detailed process to use GIS viewer -

Create Map from Text (Allowed Delimiters are , ; |)

Point Map (Add XY Data)
1.Text file should contain column names with longitude and latitude
2.If header information is not provided, first two columns should respectively be as longitude and latitude.

Choropleth Maps
1. Maps can be generated for State, District by providing Census 2011 code or Name
2. If Census code is Provided , First column of Text File should be Census code.
3. If Name is provided
(i)For State Level, First coulmn should contain State Name
(ii)For District Level, First two columns should respectively be District and State name

Generation of Choropleth Maps
1. Select Boundary type and Data Match type options.
2. Download templates and add your data.OR
Add joining column information in your text file as per above instructions and Upload by clicking on Text File option.
3.Dropdownlist containing coulmn names of uploaded file is added to the Classification Div.
4. Selection of column name from Dropdownlist will provide options for customizing maps in Color-Ramp/Legend/Edit-Range Div
5. Generate Choropleth maps from your data by selecting color ramps OR color parameters and range parameters
6. Choropleth map is addded to the Map and corresponding layer is added in Layers List div with selected coulmn name and filename.
7. Use Edit-Range option to modify/reclassify corresponding color and range parameters of the map/layer.
8.Click on info and Mouse hover on Map to get the attribute information.

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