How to Create Shapefile using Bhuvan 2D Draw Tool


Shapefile Creation

This tool allows you to create a shapefile online and provides the option to add shapefile. Follow the steps below to create a shapefile.


Step1 Click on "Online Shapefile creation "

Step2 Go to your Place of interest to digitize

Step3 Select any one of the feature Point/Line/Area and Click on the map to digitize the feature.

Step4 Select the category (in the left side) from the category list.

Step5 Save the features once the digitization is completed


1. What is enhanced Online Shape File download?

Facilitates the users to download the interpreted/ delineated drawings as shape file along with attributes

2. Are all popular browsers supported?

we recommend Mozilla Firefox 3.5.1 or above, Chrome 6.0 or above for better performance. Internet explorer is not supported by this application

3. Is it required to save each feature after completion of digitations?

Not required. You can save all the features at a time.

4. How can I download the shape file?

After saving your digitization, Click on the 'Download' Link

Select the period of digitization(Optional)

Click the 'Download' button to download the shape files in zip format

5. What does the downloaded file contain?

Zip Folder contains three shape files(.shp) each for point, line, polygon and with corresponding supported files (.shx, .prj, .dbf)

6. Is it necessary to save the feature before download it?

Yes. It is mandatory to save the feature to download it.