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Bhuvan (is a Sanskrit word, meaning Earth) is a Geoportal of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), hosted through URL It Provides services and applications related to satellite remote sensing data for public use. Bhuvan Services are offered by NRSC. Striving to realize the Indian Space Vision, is a key player in ISRO’s Earth Observation Programme and Disaster Management Support Programme. NRSC is responsible for the acquisition, processing, supply of aerial and Satellite remote sensing data and for continuously exploring the practical uses of remote sensing Technology for multi level (global to local) applications.

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Bhuvan wiki is a web application designed for publishing information and engaging Bhuvan users for sharing and contributing their knowledge to other users. It is useful to all Bhuvan users in finding topics of their intesrt to explore. It is useful to all Bhuvan users in finding topics of their interest to explore. It provides information on the users’ interest and helps to better connect with the users.

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